I’m grateful for good books that make you lose track of time.
I’m grateful for good coffee and friendly people.
I’m grateful for the sun that’s kisses my cheek, warms my heart and closes my eyes with contentment.

I’m grateful for the songs of happy birds.
I’m grateful for kindness, and respectfully grateful of humility and forgiveness.
I’m grateful of children and their pure, simplistic views of the world, that remind me to lighten the load on my heart.

I’m grateful for the people I work with and the enjoyment I get from a fulfilling productive day.
I’m grateful for the stressful bad days, that help me appreciate the good ones. I’m grateful for kind strangers and loving friends.

I’m grateful for my whanau, far and wide.
I’m grateful for my struggles, they’ve made me who I am.
I’m grateful for passion and excitement.

I’m grateful for my whakapapa, and the journey of my ancestors.
I’m grateful of my own journey, although long and twisted, I’m grateful.
I’m grateful for my soft, vulnerable but loving heart.

I’m grateful of my dedication and those who push me when I sometimes forget it.
I’m grateful of strength and successes, but more so for my weaknesses and mistakes that allow me to grow.
I’m grateful of all this and much more.

I’m grateful for today;
and more so for tomorrow.
What are you grateful for?

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