The hills beyond the eye can see,
some coated in green, others in white.
The jet line stripes white across the bright blue sky above.

And the sun.
The sun is setting, across the horizon and behind the hills.

The trees stand tall,
gradients of green growing (worry free).
The rushing rivers, the trickling trenches, and still streams,
the transparent lake that takes up five pages of a map.

And the sun.
The sun has set fire to the horizon and beyond the hills.
The majestic birds, the monstrous eels,
the musty sheep and all the mysteries through the green.
The only clouds are the ones passively cuddling the bottom of the hills in the distance.

And the sun.
The sun has set a rainbow to the sky.

The deep blue sky to a luscious lilac,
gracious green and yearning yellow followed
by ostentatious orange, royal red, and
the finale of perspicacious pink,
kissing the horizon goodnight.

And the sun.
The sun has set, night has come,
the green stands tall and the transparencies run.
The moons white kisses still on the cheek of the hills of green,
and this sunset setting is the most stunning I have seen.

Image credit to my beautiful friend, Tim Chivers.

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